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Le Pallec Camille
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Description :

Song : Black era "Then"

Les carottes

Short movie

Description :

About carrot


Clip for MTV

Description :

Dress up tv for MTV


Use walrus as form and graphic language

Mouette Alors

Clip for announce the summer

Description :

Project with Alan Harnois, Margaux Mucha, Violaine Serugue and Justine Gente


Teaser for the music festival, Helfest

Description :

Project with Alan Harnois and Maeva Corvest

Les parisiens aiment ...

To propose a cultural chain about monument's Paris

Happy New Years 2017

Mannequin Challenge

LE classement des associations

Who will be the best association

Description :

Shoot by Audencia

The Ambassador

Ambassador project for aneo agency

Description :

Become the new aneo ambassador !

Camille Le Pallec

Motion Designer - Graphiste

I am Camille Le Pallec, I am 23.
I am finishing my master's degree (five years after postgraduate qualification) in Graphic and motion design.
Today, I research my futur first job.

Let's get in touch !
My mobile : 07 83 04 21 81

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Camille Le Pallec